ADSI establishes a new connection to Kazakhstan

//ADSI establishes a new connection to Kazakhstan

ADSI establishes a new connection to Kazakhstan

In early July, the vice-rector of the Medical University of Almaty and Prof. Bonn, representing the ADSI, sealed the future close cooperation between the two institutions.

 Almaty Medical University in Kazakhstan was founded in 1931 and with 11,000 students it is one of the most important universities of the Central Asian state. Phytosciences, i. e. the use of plant materials for medicine, cosmetics and dietary supplements has a long tradition in Asia and is also scientifically researched there. This is exactly where ADSI’s cooperation with the Kazakh University will focus on. In a Memorandum of Understanding, the institutions signed the intention to promote joint research projects, initiatives and exchanges of young researchers, thereby contributing to mutual knowledge transfer. The ADSI hopes to gain access to knowledge about traditional Asian use of herbal compounds and can in turn support the cooperation partner with know-how on state-of-the-art technological analysis and screening methods. The initiation of a first joint project is already in preparation.

Caption: Vice-rector Prof. Baildinova Klara Zhenisovna (Medical University of Almaty) and o. Univ. Prof. Mag. Günther Bonn (ADSI) sign the Memorandum of Understanding

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