On the 4th of May the Tyrolean State Governor for Economy Anton Mattle payed a visit to the ADSI laboratories. Univ.Prof. DDr. Günther Bonn, founder and head of the research institute, had the honor of introducing the governor to the thrilling world of plant screening and to provide an update on the recent research activities. Governor Mattle was impressed by the crucial role the ADSI has been playing in the foundation and development of the Phytovalley Tyrol, an international science hub in plant biotechnology. He considered this as an important building block for the formation of the “life science location Tyrol”. An added value of the close bonds between science and industry is the creation of many high-level jobs in the area.

Prof. Bonn seized the opportunity to emphasize the high importance of the cooperation with the Tyrolean Government, which supports ADSI’s research by annual funding: “Thanks to the funding by the land we have been able, to ensure a leading position for Tyrol in the international phyto-research. With the financial means of the funding period 2022-2024 we intend to keep up the positive development, as well as, to deepen and extend our international networks and increase the institute’s visibility”, Prof. Bonn expressed his gratitude to the Land of Tyrol.

On the tour through the ADSI laboratories Governor Mattle was also accompanied by Univ.Prof. DDr. Tilmann Märk, Rector of the Karl Franzens University Innsbruck, Dr. Thomas Jakschitz, ADSI’s Executive Vice President and Office Manager Mag. Gökhan Senli.

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