DO YOU REQUIRE extraction procedures which facilitate maximum yield and even distribution of bioactive compounds in the final product? WE PROVIDE the essential scientific support for your development of products of superior quality.



Plant extracts are always multi-component mixtures containing a variety of potent bioactive compounds besides nutrients. There are hundreds or thousands of different, low molecular compounds, so called metabolites, in varying concentrations. While some of them are beneficial others might pose a health hazard. Sometimes it’s only a matter of the right dosage. Elaborate separation techniques are necessary to remove toxic substances and ensure high yields of the lead substances.

Prior to the mass spectrometric analyses of plant extracts, the individual components of the samples have to be separated by UHPLC (Ultra High Performance Liquid Chromatography). Our Analytical Department has the special knowledge and skills required for the separation of complex mixtures of substances based on the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Radiochemistry of the University Innsbruck. In addition to the essential skills the ADSI GmbH is in possession of extensive machinery for extraction and analytics, comprising of, among others, 4 HPLC devices, of which some are directly connected to the mass spectrometers.

Prerequisites for the development of excellent herbal preparations

  • Characterization of all bioactive substances responsible for certain effects
  • Development of tailor-made production procedures, ensuring a consistent distribution of active compounds and absence of toxins throughout all product batches.
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