The OLIVE-NET project aims to introduce new approaches for the exploration, valorization and marketing of products based on bioactive compounds from the olive tree, olea europea. ADSI was invited to participate in the OLIVE-NET project because of its extensive expertise in the analysis technology for olive oil, resulting from a co-operation with Prof. Leandros Skaltsounis from the University of Athens, and Prof. Danilo Corradini from the National Research Council in Rome.



The olive tree is of high agricultural and economic relevance in the EU, especially in the Mediterranean regions. The fruits and the oil are considered important components of a healthy diet. In addition, the products and by-products of the olive tree, e.g. the residues from the oil mill, as well as its leaves, contain bioactive substances with special health benefits.

The popular olive oil polyphenols, which protect blood lipids from oxidative stress, and the secoiridoides, e.g. oleuropein, are among the chemical target substances. Through cell based assays as well as in vivo tests they are investigated for safety aspects and pharmacological effects on inflammation, arthrosis, cardiovascular diseases, aging etc. All bioactive substances are characterized through state-of-the-art analysis techniques, to enable their application in formulations and products in the fields of pharmacy, nutrition and nutritional supplements and cosmetics.

Highly valuable synergies are gained from the integration of multidisciplinary scientific core competences from various research fields. The project partners of Olive Net are representatives from industry and research. One of the main goals is to facilitate knowledge transfer between academic research and economy. Establishment of a successful model for the promotion of scientific competence gain and formation of long-term co-operations between industry and science shall be achieved.

Total volume: EUR 1,735,000.- (ADSI share: EUR 171,500.-)
03/2017 – 02/2021

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